Our Mission

The mission of Rockwell Organic is to supply domestic and international markets with high quality, certified organic grains, beans and seeds at reasonable prices.  By fulfilling our mission we are:

  •     Supporting organic farmers by marketing their products
  •     Supporting certification agencies and grower organizations through participation and contributions
  •     Supporting long term customers who need a reliable supply of certified organic products
  •     Supporting consumers who desire an alternative to conventionally produced products and
  •     Supporting the preservation and renewal of the earth

Our Story and What We Do

Rockwell Organic has been serving the organic industry since its inception in 1999 but encompasses over 30 years of experience in all aspects of the organic industry, including sourcing, purchasing, management, domestic and export marketing and sales, retail and certification.

We source our products from certified organic North American growers and we deal exclusively with organic and Biodynamic® products.  Our certified processing plant and warehouse in the Midwest provides a centralized, convenient location for national distribution of bulk products.

In addition to supplying various distributors and millers within the U.S., the Company also has many years of expertise in supplying various clients in the European market with certified organic and Biodynamic® products.

Rockwell Organic stocks a basic line of organic grains, beans and seeds at its Midwest warehouse and is able to source and stock additional products for both current and potential customers.  We offer packaging in 25 lb bags, 50 lb. bags, 2,000 lb. tote bags and bulk truckloads and containers.

Rockwell Organic believes in ethical business practices, commitment to organic production and integrity in certification, along with our belief in the value of the organic farming process and in the health benefits derived from eating whole, organic grains, beans and seeds and other minimally processed organic products.

We are committed to establishing loyal, trusting relationships with our customers and suppliers and to providing the best possible quality, service and pricing over the long term.

Our belief that organic products offer the possibility of increased health and vitality and organic farming practices make a contribution toward the preservation and renewal of the earth, inspires our vision of a continuous evolution toward an ever healthier, more conscious and peaceful way of life.